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Tubi Style “Restauro d´Epoca" products are focused on the historical cars that has been realized in our lands: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati classical models have no secret for us, thanks to Tubi Style historic memory. Each “Restauro d´Epoca" part correspond in all respects to its original exhaust component design type, and permit to the owner of the car to preserve the value of its collectable Italian Car.

Fausto Lettieri in person continues to supervise and realise prototypes for each product, and plays an active role in every phase of manufacturing providing inestimable added value with his attention and experience. Keeping to very high parameters is possible thanks to expert welders who can be proud to represent an entirely Italian excellence that has always characterised Tubi production and makes “Made in Italy" craftsmanship famous worldwide.

Our products have been used during the restoration of the most important and costly historical cars, that obtained the highest rating in classical concourse all around the world.

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TECHART Formula II GTS 11.5x22
€ 1.270,50
TECHART Formula II 10.5x22
€ 1.149,50 GTS
TECHART Formula GTS 10x20
€ 810,70
TECHART Formula IV BiColor 10,5x22
€ 1.052,70
TECHART Formula 10x20
€ 810,70 GTS
TECHART Formula II GTS 10.5x22
€ 1.270,50
TECHART Formula II 11.5x22
€ 1.149,50 GTS
TECHART Formula II GTS 11x23
€ 1.512,50
TECHART Formula II 11x23
€ 1.197,90
STC adapterset voor Macan
€ 356,95