TECHART voor Cayenne 9YA

The new refining package for the latest Porsche Cayenne by TECHART : Automobile luxury redefined.

With a spectacular appearance and a distinctive feel. As a new highlight, TECHART merges the automotive world with the world of exclusive furniture in a partnership with the renowned German company ROLF BENZ, a leading design brand for luxury couches. The result of this cooperation is the new emotional and sophisticated TECHART interior ROLF BENZ, representing a new path breaking interior design, finest material selection and inimitable seating comfort. More TECHART: aerodynamic package and performance kit for Porsche Cayenne 9YA

In the first part TECHART presents the newly developed aerodynamic package for the latest Porsche Cayenne. TECHART sets new standards in design and quality. The result is an elegant and dynamic radiance exuding into visual performance. Typical for TECHART. The two-piece front spoiler makes the Cayenne look more impressive and lower. With the carbon fiber hood including air inlets the front of the car gets a very sporty appearance. A powerful looking rear apron with a diffusor also belongs to the aerodynamic package. If you want to use the optional trailer hitch, you can simply take off the diffusor. A simple proof for the OEM quality of TECHART. The concept is rounded off by a sharp trailing edge and a roof spoiler lip.

Another optical reference for the performance is the valve controlled exhaust system with four titanium end tubes and carbon-fiber jacket made by TECHART.

The new 22-inch Formula V wheels with multi-spoke design look impressive, elegant and clean. It‘s also the premiere for this new TECHART wheels.

The technology of the Cayenne gets a refinement, too. Lastly, TECHART offers the in-house developed engine maps TECHTRONIC. The TECHART TECHTRONIC Powerkit for the Cayenne Turbo changes standard 550 hp into 640 hp. The torque rises from max. 770 Nm to powerful 900 Nm. 0 to 100 km/h: 3.7 seconds. Top speed: 300 km/h (limited electronically). In conjunction with the valve controlled exhaust this combination with a deeper and more powerful V8 sound is a joy to your ears. It sounds spectacular, it feels impressive and it looks great. Because the exhaust with four titanium end tubes and carbon-fiber jacket is an unequivocal statement.

Top of the range: the TECHART Interior ROLF BENZ. Since more than 30 years the TECHART Manufactory sets standards in individualization of automotive interiors. There are no limits. To continue to meet this high standards, TECHART introduces the product line »TECHART Interior ROLF BENZ« in the second part. This interior program leads the top of the TECHART Manufactory. Pleasant, unobtrusive luxury. The creation of a traveling ambience marks a new level of design and seating comfort. The materials are symbols of both classic values and vanguard design. Fine leather: a renowned TECHART specialty. A novelty in the range of premium interior refinement: the manifold processing of natural virgin wool - a genuine ROLF BENZ upholstery fabric of outstanding quality. Elegant structures contain three different shades. Hard-wearing, breathable and dirt resistant. At the same time, matchless in terms of softness and naturalness. A harmoniously impressive overall appearance not only creating a unique look and feel, but also surprisingly homelike interior acoustics. A challenging task for the TECHART master craftsmen: the processing of structured virgin wool fabric in order to meet the specific automotive interior demands towards long-lastingness, safety and the transformation of the unique design. The result: an interior where you can feel at home. The loving attention to detail creates surprising subtleties. Such as the genuine ROLF BENZ patterned cloth which covers the underside of the headrests. Color-matched leather piping, threads and lacquer. A roof lining entirely made of black virgin wool. The footwell area covered in fine leather with exquisite floor mats. Or even a handmade TECHART document wallet placed in the glove compartment. Just to mention a few examples. The color composition is coordinated to the last detail, to visually connect the interior with the exterior. The elegant bicolor paintwork with champagne metallic and black and the interior colors of ROLF BENZ conclude into a harmonious look. Other color compositions will follow.

TECHART voor Cayenne 9YA

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